Lviv`s climate


In particular, our activities to promote the climate issue in the urban environment during 2019, holding open meetings in the format of Climate Networking and Climate talks. These meetings helped us to establish a dialogue with the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of Lviv City Council. The Department consciously understands the climatic situation and our cooperation turn into project “Climate of Lviv”.

The main aim of the project is to increase knowledge and actualize the climate issue among the city residents and to create a platform for dialogue and project solutions with the involvement of all stakeholders. 

The basis of the project is the scientific solutions for the adaptation of the city with the involvement of specialists. Creating these solutions includes: conducting an integrated geo-ecological analysis of meteorological data, assessment of urban environment vulnerability to climate change; analysis of satellite data for the creation of Urban Atlas; elaboration of climate change scenarios, and measurement of their impact on Lviv ecosystem.

The analytical component will form the development of practical recommendations in the format of the Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the local municipality. Currently, we are collecting and analyzing statistics. The project also plans to hold a series of workshops with the audiences, who are interested in this topic, and a public overview of each stage of the project.

Over time project information is updating.