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Triangle of changes

Triangle of changes

Triangle of changes is our initiative for the rethinking of public space at the crossing of Bandera and Chuprynky streets in Lviv by landscaping the area with the elements of adaptation to the effects of climate changes in the form of the vertical garden on wall with round holes called “Stina Oporiadzhenia” (“The wall of putting things in order”) and rain garden. прогорніть вниз, щоб ознайомитися детальніше з цим проектом

The space at the crossing of Bandera and Henerala Chuprynky Streets is an example of the vulnerability of urban infrastructure objects to climate change. Intense transport traffic, small shops, continuous layer of the cobblestones, complete lack of landscaping and additional sources of moisture which cause the formation of a “heat islands” here on hot days and affects negatively on the well-being of the residents of nearby houses, users of public transport commute “Lviv Polytechnic”, pedestrians.

Measurements made by Flir One E8 thermal imager on August 30, 2019, under conditions of total air temperature +28°С showed the difference in heating and heat transfer of different surfaces: small shop roof (+60°С), public transport stop (+44°С) ), paving (pavement) (+42.1°C), advertising banner on the closest wall (+38.6°C), the wall with round holes (+35.4°C), greenery near the wall (+ 27.9 ° C) ).

Taking into account the European experience of the adaptation of cities to climate change, we proposed improvement of public space with elements:

  • vertical landscaping of a wall with round holes (“Stina Oporiadzhenia”);
  • an arrangement of the resting places near the wall;
  • rain garden which will collect, retain and feed the plants in the dry season with rainwater from the roof of a neighboring house №15 on the Stepan Bandera street.

Our first step towards the implementation of the project was the campaign within the Lviv Public Budget in 2019. Then 127 inhabitants of the city voted for the project. In the ranking of projects in the Halytskyi district, the project took 6th place.

Video agitation for the project №165 on the Lviv Public Budget in 2019

The work on advocating for change within space resumed in the spring of 2020. After researching relevant information from the answers to numerous questionings, the project was optimized as well as its financial estimate and the visual part. Due to the cost, at this stage, it was decided to abandon the arrangement of places for recreation near the wall due to the installation of the summer terrace near the house 15 on the Bendery street by one of the food establishments so the location of the rain garden was changed.

The new version of the visualization of the project (2020) – photos of Plato

In May, with the support of caring volunteers and the administration of Halytskyi district a rain garden and vertical landscaping were carried out. All the necessary materials for the works were purchased with funds raised as part of the crowdfunding campaign – UAH 8,250. 

It is expected that vertical landscaping will compensate the overheating of the wall in the summer over time as well as generate additional shade and provide more moisture return to the atmosphere. Plants acting as a filter will also help to improve air quality which is especially important in this area due to its proximity to the area of ​​heavy traffic.

The first public rain garden in Lviv is a permanent flower arrangement in which plants preserve and clean rainfall due to a multi-layered drainage system.

Within the project, a gutter from the roof of a neighboring house №15 on the Stepan Bandera street was specially extended to the rain garden to remove excess moisture, which used to accumulate near the foundation of the house and create troubles to its residents.

Raingarden with your own hands – video WHAT IF creative studio / Gala Kozyutynska

We hope that the landscaping project will not only reduce the temperature vulnerability of the area but will be the beginning of building a comfortable, aesthetic, and green recreation space that will be released from systematic littering, unpleasant odors, and crowds of people predisposed to alcohol and drug use.

Our NGO has already appealed to local governments to promote a comprehensive rethinking of the space at the crossing of Bandera and Chuprynky streets. We invite everyone interested in further communication.

Over time, project information will be updated.

Guidance on Lviv’s acclimatization

Guidance on Lviv’s acclimatization

Elections to local councils are coming soon. For us, it is an opportunity to emphasize the urgency of climate change, which is already affecting the life of the city. прогорніть вниз, щоб ознайомитися детальніше з цим проектом

By development and promotion of a guide for potential candidates in the next elections to the Lviv City Council, which are going to be in autumn, we identify the climate component in the city management system.

Therefore, we are analyzing the climate issue in the context of Lviv’s development and developing a document with the current state of the city’s climate policy, new, improved goals, and practical foreign cases. 

 The project is implemented for representatives of elected local governments to understand the essence of climate change, mechanisms of adaptation to its consequences, and the responsibility for (non) adoption of appropriate decisions.

The project is supported by the NGO Center for Environmental Initiatives “Ecodiia,” DRA, and Brot für die Welt.

Lviv`s climate

Lviv`s climate

A comprehensive research platform, high-quality communication, and definite lobbying idea of adapting the city to climate change will lead to the development and implementation of a roadmap of measures that will mitigate climate changeability at the municipal level. прогорніть вниз, щоб ознайомитися детальніше з цим проектом

In particular, our activities to promote the climate issue in the urban environment during 2019, holding open meetings in the format of Climate Networking and Climate talks. These meetings helped us to establish a dialogue with the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of Lviv City Council. The Department consciously understands the climatic situation and our cooperation turn into project “Climate of Lviv”.

The main aim of the project is to increase knowledge and actualize the climate issue among the city residents and to create a platform for dialogue and project solutions with the involvement of all stakeholders. 

The basis of the project is the scientific solutions for the adaptation of the city with the involvement of specialists. Creating these solutions includes: conducting an integrated geo-ecological analysis of meteorological data, assessment of urban environment vulnerability to climate change; analysis of satellite data for the creation of Urban Atlas; elaboration of climate change scenarios, and measurement of their impact on Lviv ecosystem.

The analytical component will form the development of practical recommendations in the format of the Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the local municipality. Currently, we are collecting and analyzing statistics. The project also plans to hold a series of workshops with the audiences, who are interested in this topic, and a public overview of each stage of the project.

Over time project information is updating.

Climate ambitions of the cities

Climate ambitions of the cities

The first national forum for the delegates of local governments took place in Lviv on November 28-29, 2019. The event becames a platform for the declaration of political goals for the climate. As a result, 21 Ukrainian local communities ("hromadas") have joined the recognition of the state of emergency of climate change in the world. прогорніть вниз, щоб ознайомитися детальніше з цим проектом

At first National Forum “Climate Ambitions of the Cities” in Lviv gathered more than 200 participants from 48 cities, towns, and villages. It became the first climate event of this scale, which Ukraine holds.

During the forum, Ukrainian, Polish and Estonian experts shared their experiences about how they reduced the amount of carbon in cities and their future perspectives. Baranivska OTG and Trostianetska City Council announced a goal to move to 100% RES by 2050. They signed a memorandum with the international organization, and the Association of Small Towns expressed support for the energy transition process.

Our organization joined the forum in the aspects of logistics and development of POS-materials.

One of the preconditions for holding the conference in Lviv was the signing in September 2018 by Lviv`s mayor Andrii Sadovyi of a Memorandum on the transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050 with the international organization and representatives of our organization contributed to it.

Activate energy

Activate energy

It is a climate leadership program that popularizes Lviv's change-over to 100% RES and educational experiments on the climate issue. We established contacts with the active citizens and representatives of the city council and business during the campaign. прогорніть вниз, щоб ознайомитися детальніше з цим проектом

We organized an interview with a writer Markiian Prokhasko, as part of the project. The theme of the meeting was his trip to Antarctica. He shared his impressions on how to live at the station “Akademik Vernadsky”, the station named after famous scientist and academician Volodymyr Vernadsky. He presented experiments that confirm climate change in terms of the most southern continent.

We popularized the climate issue through offline meetings, in particular, as “Climate.415” and within the “Workshop of the city of Lviv”.

We also developed sketch videos about the possibilities of adapting the urban environment to climate change, the benefits of the “sponge city” concept, and the importance of local action in the climate movement. In total, these videos have been viewed 35,000 times on social media.

Video “Change yourself, not climate” – video Plato


We promoted the climate issue on the event of the Lviv Eco Forum in the form of a separate panel discussion, which invited representatives of the scientific sector, international organizations, local governments to discuss the energy transition to RES and adaptation of urban spaces to climate change.

We coordinated Lviv’s active residents during the global action “Action for Climate”, which took place on September 20 in Kyiv.