In the most beautiful world, the climate state is extraordinary. The line between the ordinary and the routine is as fragile as ever. We found this a challenge and created a public organization “Plato”.

The name “Plato” symbolizes the platform of knowledge and comes from philosopher Plato’s allegory of the cave. A few steps towards the light reveal the actual reality. 

We have taken more than a few such steps. We have taken more than a few such steps. The previous individual experience of each member of our team forms a shared value identity of the organization as a community that focused on change. For this community, there is nothing impossible.

Therefore, our mission – global – is to strengthen civil society on the path to sustainable development. Our vision is to see significant changes in the eyes and actions of our fellow citizens in a decade.

Our values are openness to new knowledge, critical thinking, and the ecological way of life.

There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The common denominator for each of them is climate. They are about beliefs and habits, precedents and trends, causes, and effects, justice, which need to have a new solution in climate state.

We have taken up the challenge of time and put the climate issue in the center of our attention. Now people, regardless of race, religion, gender, or belief, can mitigate threats and adapt to the effects of climate change: political, economic, and economic, social, cultural.

In practice, this means the most participatory presence in the urban space, focused on both permanent education and achieving reliable results.

From monologue to dialogue through widening climatic consciousness!